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Manufutura – aware of the past, bound to the present, turned to the future – 150 years of Lüttges

„With a youthful pioneer spirit, the brothers Gustav and Albert Lüttges set up a company in Solingen on November 15, 1852 that has considered itself right from the start as being primarily at the service of the women's world. At first, a new type of crinolines was produced (crinoline: forming petticoat with wasp waist), with which Lüttges even influenced the fashionable spirit of that time.

During the following ten years, further innovative ideas turned up. One example is the „unbreakable corset clasp“ with the German patent number "Reichspatentnummer 3428": Where the husbands' muscle power was still needed for a tight-laced wasp waist, the new clasp system was a revolution for the bodice corset.“

These statements are the introducing words of the festschrift for the company's anniversary „150 years of Lüttges“. And the story of succes continues: expansion, move to the city centre of Solingen, more than 100 female (!) and male employees around 1900, extension of the production plants by an own wire drawing, galvanising plant, casting of steel including connected rolling mill and succeeding band hardening systems.

Like this, the „Gebrüder Lüttges Stahl- und Messingwaaren-Fabrik“ continued developing until the 40's into a „modern company, taking into consideration the idea of progress of that time concerning economic independency. With umbrella frames, bicycle forks and, of course, the female fashion trends, which they had always in mind, new markets opened up abroad, too.“

Then, there was a sudden interruption of the development: Due to the bomb attacks on Solingen at the beginning of November 1944, nearly the whole plant was destroyed. Yet the unbroken will of employees and management to continue made it possible to restart the first machine in the middle of 1945; the production was partially realised in the open air.

Removal to Solingen-Wald, modernisation of the range of products, opening-up plastic as a new material to be used, introduction of the product brand „DESIRA“ – main topics of the modern „postwar Lüttges“. Right during the reconstruction,Gustav Lüttges dies in 1951. His wife Liselotte – the last bearer of this name in the fourth generation – continues directing the company being supported by Henk Dijkman senior, who also leads the company into a new acquired factory building in the street 'Focher Straße' in1980, which is still the company site today.

Modern frame conditions permit a constant optimisation of the producion as well as of the development of new ideas leading to new patents. New markets are opened up, products made of most different materials are applied worldwide in the underwear and swimwear fashion, in the footwear industry, the ladies' wear and focus is set on orthopaedic aids.

Our efforts to meet the customers' requirements, highest performance, forward-looking and efficiency are part of the basic principle of our company's policy.

DESIRA by LÜTTGES – fully functional and perfectly shaped