The Lüttges GmbH in Solingen is an international producer and supplier of

  • Textile accessories and fittings
    for applications in the area of fashion / clothing, orthopaedics and interior decorating as well as
  • Metal and plastic components
    with a specific spring effect for technical and industrial applications

Under the brand name „DESIRA“, quality products such as metal rods, plastic bands, spiral metal bonings, plastic bonings and plastic wires are produced, which fulfil reliably the functions concerning spring, form design and dimensional stability.

Nose clips for face masks

The nose clips developed by Lüttges consist of two flexible and shape-retaining metal wires. Covered by the tried-and-tested Desira-Plast plastic, the nose clips ensure a comfortable fit and protect the surrounding material.

Nose clips for face masks
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DESIRA by LÜTTGES – fully functional and perfectly shaped