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New plastic bonings for the market

The application of plastics for textile accessories and additional equipment in the fields of clothing/fashion and orthopaedics has already proven very successful for a long time due to its material-specific advantages such as lightness and good plasticity.

The previous product variations that used to be on the market have a decisive disadvantage though: They consist of single component plastics, which are not resistant against external influences such as cleaning agent, salts, body fluids and especially ultraviolet rays, which make the material brittle and consequently friable after some time, so that the plastic bonings might splinter and break. This is due to the contained plasticizers in most of the applied plastics, which come out due to the influence of the sun and therefore cause the undesired effects.

The Lüttges company has eliminated these disadvantages by its own development and the launch of the „DESIRA PLAST“ programme with which it was possible to improve considerably the quality of the plastic bonings.

„DESIRA PLAST“ has a decisive innovative advantage: It consists of two different components that complete one another perfectly with regard to their composition. The real spring force and the elastic pull characteristc is achieved by monofils inside the boning. In the first place, the coating being comparatively very soft, has the function to fix the monofils at their optimal point and, at the same time, offers the possibility to be sewed with a needle. Even if one or more monofils were destroyed while sewing, the spring characteristic of the plastic boning would be maintained.

This combination of a monofil inlet with a strong spring force and a coating resistant to ultraviolet rays makes it possible to assure a constant quality to our customers. Chemical, organic and ecologic influences are not able to cause any loss of quality of the „DESIRA PLAST“ products. The products were developed through a continuous exchange of experiences with renowned producers of bodices and swimwear.

DESIRA by LÜTTGES – fully functional and perfectly shaped