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Fashion and orthopaedics

„DESIRA PLAST“ plastic bonings are applied in the fields of fashion and orthopaedics – in the fashion field, focus is set on the following products:

In the orthopaedic and medical field, focus is set on the following products:

The innovative construction of the bonings improves considerably the quality

„DESIRA PLAST“ plastic bonings are an own and innovative development by Lüttges. Instead of applying the usual single-component plastics, which might loose their stability due to external influences such as cleaning agents, salts, body fluids and especially ultraviolet rays, LÜTTGES uses plastics with two different components: spring force and elastic pull characterisctic of the bonings are achieved by monofils being located inside; the outer, comparatively very soft coating fixes the monofils at their optimal point. Due to special ultraviolet stabilisers in the coating, the important spring elements are additionally protected against embrittlement. With this, splintering and breaking of plastic bonings is a thing of the past.

DESIRA by LÜTTGES – fully functional and perfectly shaped