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DESIRA bonings, bands, springs and wires are applied as accessories for textiles and as technical components for industrial purposes.

Textile accessories and additional equipment

As a traditionally-minded production company and supplier of accessories and additional equipment for the manufacture of textiles, we dispose of many years of experience, we know the market circumstances and with that also the production methods and facilities as well as the emerging trends of this industrial sector. Due to this competence, we are in a position to offer products of high quality in the following fields of application:

In detail, we offer the following products under the brand name „DESIRA“:

Technical components

However, the appliciation of plastic bondings and metal rods as well as spiral metal bonings are not restricted to the textile area; as components for general tecnical and industrial purposes they are also used where  some certain functions have to be guaranteed with regard to spring, form design or dimensional stability.

Scope of delivery

We deliver all products in a high quality, in a custom-made design, made of plastic or metal, in continuous lengths as rings or in dispenser boxes, cut into lengths to any requested size, with metal or plastic caps, at any quantity, everywhere, worldwide.

Our vast standard programme permits to cover the majority of the demands and that is why we are in a position to guarantee short to shortest delivery times.

DESIRA by LÜTTGES – fully functional and perfectly shaped