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ANITA, Dr. Helbig, Gmbh, Brannenburg –
UniqueBodyWare – dessous, accessories and swimwear of quality

As a special supplier of corsetry, swimwear and special medical products for the aftercare breast surgery, Anita offers a competent, internationally active network of 20 single companies having in total more than 1,100 employees and a turnover of about  70 million euros per year. Their own production sites are located in Germany, Austria, Portugal, Czech Republic and Far East.

In the global market, the company group has an excellent reputation for being a niche supplier of high-quality special wear and ranks among the successful companies within the textile industry.

Anita – the philosophy

Anita has a special motivation to serve the customer. The guiding principle is expressed in the umbrella brand name „Anita Unique BodyWare“ and can be described with one word: uniqueness – uniqueness of the product, uniqueness in the marketing, uniqueness of the service. This uniqueness supports the trader with regard to his professional competence and meets the expectations of the final customer to a high degree.

DESIRA by LÜTTGES – fully functional and perfectly shaped