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Bauerfeind AG, Zeulenroda –
„Motion is life“ with products of the medical and wellness line

With its products, the Bauerfeind AG; one of the leading producers of medical aids such as compression stockings, supports, orthoses, orthopaedic insoles and prosthetics, make an important contribution to maintain and to restore health – for a better quality of life. Also the products of the wellness line – Berkemann comfort shoes and Zeuba sports supports – have part in that.

The medium-sized family company was founded in Zeulenroda in 1929 and today more than 1,800 employees work in three production sites in Germany as well as in twelve subsidiaries in Europe und in the USA.

„Motion is life“ is the company motto of the Bauerfeind AG – a motto that finds its ideal application in the company's involvement in sports at an a local, regional and international level. Since 2001, the producer of medical aids has been the official supplier of the German Olympic Teams. Experiences made with and knowledge taken from the provision of top athletes are constantly considered for the development and optimisation of the products.

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