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Thämert Orthopädische Hilfsmittel GmbH, Großburgwedel –
Orthoses, bandages and material

In 1919, Otto Thämert founded a wholesale business for bodices and bandages requirements. Professional competence, involvement and the courage for investments make his company more and more successful. Own patents and a continuously increasing quantity of regular customers leads to a necessary expansion of the company.
At the beginning of the 50', the wholesale is extended by a production of bodices and accessories, in 1964 the company moves into a new business premises in Großburgwedel near Hanover, with a size of 16.000 qm. Already in 1968 an extension becomes necessary. New product lines such as abdominal belts and breast prosthesis are added to the programme. Due to the new extension of the production, there are 150 employees working for Thämert in 1969, in the year of the 50th anniversary of the company.
In April 1994, the staff moves into another business premises in Großburgwedel. As one of the leading and innovative supplier of aids, Thämert has all reasons to  look optimistically to the future.

Breast prosthesis, bodices and swimwear

Silima is a product group of the Thämert Orthopädische Hilfsmittel GmbH, being specialised in the production and the distribution of breast prosthesis, functional bodices and swimwear for an optimal care of women after a breast surgery. Due to the thorough contact to medical specialists, sanitary consultants and patients, we are continuously increasing our product range. We are very proud to help women to make their life become easier and to support them in many ways.

DESIRA by LÜTTGES – fully functional and perfectly shaped