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Werkmeister GmbH, Wanfried –
Cushions, wellness, bandages, rehabilitaion and nursing

Werkmeister was founded as medical & home healthcare supplies in 1923 in Eisenach and has located its company site in 1964 in Wanfried, about 50 km to the east of Kassel, and has erected corresponding company and production buildings there. The GmbH (limited company) was founded in 1997 and has been certified according to DIN ISO. In 2005, the company won the Oskar as an important price of the small and medium sized businesses and today, 45 employees are working in the office, 10 commercial agencies are working outside the office.

The range of product comprises Sitty cushions, wellness, rehabilitation, nursing as well as bandages and is developed in their own facilities in cooperation with renowned institutions, universities and technical colleges. Every year, three to four new products are introduced onto the market.

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