ANITA, Dr. Helbig, Gmbh Bauerfeind AG Betty Barclay GmbH Kleemeier GmbH Korsett Atelier Kassel Maryan BeachwearNea international bv Thämert GmbH Werkmeister GmbH

Renowned companies set on quality

We have introduced ourselves as a competent supplier of quality accessories and additional equipment. Now, it is time to prove it. Here it is, a selection of renowned companies in the market, which equip their collection with products of Lüttges:

ANITA, Dr. Helbig, Gmbh, Brannenburg
UniqueBodyWare – dessous, accessories and swimwear for the woman of stature
Bauerfeind AG, Zeulenroda
„Motion is life“ with products of the medical and wellness line
Betty Barclay GmbH, Nußloch
The international brand of lifestyle 
Kleemeier GmbH & Co. KG, Hof
Fashion for the most beautiful moments
Korsett Atelier Kassel, Kassel
Passion for corsets and bodices
Maryan Beachwear Group GmbH, Murg
High-quality swimwear and beachwear
Nea international bv, Maastricht
Guaranteed mobility by trendsetting push braces
Thämert Orthopädische Hilfsmittel GmbH, Großburgwedel
Breast prosthesis, corsetry and swimwear
Werkmeister GmbH, Wanfried
Cushions, wellness, bandages, rehabilitation and nursing


DESIRA by LÜTTGES – fully functional and perfectly shaped