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Professional production of textile accessories for over 170 years

The Lüttges company can look back on a long history. We have been active in the orthopaedic aid and textile industry for over 170 years and have developed into a leading supplier of quality products. Our many years of experience and expertise form the basis for our success. Under the Desira brand, we sell a wide range of products that provide shape-stabilising, supportive, and resilient functions.


Foundation of the company Gebr. Lüttges

On 15 November 1852, the brothers Albert & Gustav Lüttges founded the company Gebr. Lüttges in Solingen.


First company headquarters

In the so-called Petersmühle at the “Bertramsmühler Bach” in Solingen, the brothers began producing crinoline frames for women’s fashion as well as parasol and umbrella frames.


Use of a steam engine

One year after its foundation, the company was granted a licence to operate a 3 HP steam engine.


Relocation of the business

The first factory buildings are built on “Kölner Strasse” in the center of Solingen.


Expansion of the factory facilities

The company mainly produces articles for the women’s fashion industry (e.g. accessories for dresses and corsetry). Expansion of the production facilities with its own wire drawing, galvanising, steel foundry with connected rolling mill, and subsequent strip hardening facilities.


Patent for an apparatus for hardening sheet steel

Even then, the pursuit of progress and optimisation led to ever more efficient and modern production processes. For example, Lüttges developed a special hardening process for the company’s own steel hardening facilities.


More patents to follow

Lüttges not only developed its own production processes, but also repeatedly demonstrated its innovative strength with its own product developments. For example, with the patent for an ‘unbreakable corset lock with side-by-side springs’.


Development into an impressive factory complex with well over 250 employees

In addition to the steel and brass products manufactured to date, the production of products for the orthopaedic aids industry has now also started.


Destruction of the factory in World War 2

The development of the company was abruptly interrupted in the hail of British air raids and 95% of the company premises on “Kölner Strasse” were destroyed.


Resumption of production

Thanks to the tireless efforts of the employees, improvised production, partly outdoors, was resumed as early as 1945. Inevitably, the company had to abandon some of its main production areas and from then on concentrated on manufacturing products for the textile and orthopaedic industries.


Reconstruction and a New Beginning

Gustav Lüttges junior dies in the middle of the reconstruction of the factory on “Heukämpchenstraße”. His wife, Lieselotte, continues to run the company – the last of the fourth generation to bear the Lüttges name – with the support of her son-in-law, Henk Dijkman senior.


Moving into the new company building

Due to urban planning requirements, the company was forced to relocate from the city center to Solingen Wald. Production was successfully restarted here after the move in 1954.


Further relocation of operations

Once again, urban planning concepts forced the Lüttges company to relocate. This time, a completely new building was constructed, but the Solingen-Wald district remained the center of operations.


Start of production at the current location

After moving to the new factory building at Focher Str. 179, production began in the complex, which is still successfully in use today.


The 6th generation takes over

Siblings Brigitte Bertram & Henk Dijkman jun. take over the management of the company. Together with their brother Gustav Dijkman, who is in charge of production, they form what is now the 6th generation of the family business.


The company celebrates its 150th anniversary

Lüttges celebrated its 150th anniversary at a lavish party with around 300 invited guests. Family, friends, customers, and suppliers accompanied the celebrations, which lasted several days, and the big closing event in the old machine hall of the “Gründer- und Technologiezentrum” in Solingen.


Henk Dijkman takes over sole management of the company

Following Brigitte Bertram’s retirement and the takeover of the majority of the shares, Henk Dijkman remains the sole managing director of the company.


The 7th generation joins the family business

Jan Dijkman is the 7th generation to join the family business. Together with his father, he is preparing the seamless transition to a secure and well-positioned succession.


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