Spiral Bonings

Our spiral bonings are true all-rounders in orthopaedics and clothing

Like metal rods, spiral springs made of galvanised, flat-rolled spring steel wire are mainly used in orthopaedic aids. Here, they not only fulfill shaping and supporting functions but also stretch the fabric. Due to their design, however, spiral springs are fundamentally more elastic than metal rods and can therefore be deformed three-dimensionally in both axial and lateral directions.

This makes them ideal for use in knee and arm braces as well as in a wide variety of textiles such as corsets and corsetry.

The spiral springs are available in many variations for all possible applications

Standard versions of the spiral bonings

DescriptionWire thicknessWidthThickness
Spiral Bonings 5×0,75mm0,75 mm4,65 mm1,30 mm
Spiral Bonings 7×0,75mm0,75 mm6,65 mm1,30 mm
Spiral Bonings
0,90 mm9,80 mm1,55 mm
Spiral Bonings
1,00 mm9,80 mm1,60 mm
Spiral Bonings
1,20 mm9,95 mm2,05 mm
This is our permanently stocked standard material. Of course, other dimensions can also be realised at the customer’s request.

We produce our spiral springs either as endless material on rings or cut to any desired length (according to customer specifications).

The spring ends can optionally be designed with ends sintered in plastic, with metal caps or with plastic tabs, whereby different configurations of the spring ends are also possible.

Possible finish of the ends


Metal cap

Dipped metal cap

PU tap

PU tap with wings

PE tap

PE tap (short)

PE tap (long)

PE tap (5mm spiral)


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At Lüttges, we rely on modern production technologies such as extrusion, injection moulding, punching technology, and wire processing to manufacture high-quality products for the orthopaedic aid and textile industry. Our years of experience, developed over generations, combined with these technologies, enable us to provide you with quality products you can rely on. 

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Under the registered trademark Desira, we manufacture a wide range of high-quality products, from metal rods to plastic and spiral wire springs, in a wide variety of dimensions, alloys, and strengths. Using state-of-the-art technologies combined with decades of experience, we produce quality products that you can rely on. For decades, our name has stood for quality and expertise in the orthopaedic aid and textile industry. Discover Desira now!

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